Introducing the OCREUS Group

A professional services firm providing advice, consultancy, assessment, resources, delivery and independent expertise, the OCREUS Group brings together a unique team of seasoned practitioners with executive management, business, operations, regulatory and consulting skills, and a wealth of knowledge.

We apply our ethos – “partnering in excellence” – to our relationships, with clients, regulators and all others across our network. Our highly qualified people, all of whom have years of client side experience, are some of the very best in the industry. The OCREUS Group is immensely proud to be such a high-calibre organisation.

Situated in London and operating globally, we have three separate divisions.

OCREUS Global is a business with broad experience of financial services across global markets, its business, its products, remediation’s, regulation, directives and legislation. Offering a multi service approach, OCREUS Global is business, operationally and controlled focused. It provides solutions through project, programme and process management along with implementation, resource management and Interim management capabilities, incorporating strategy, efficiency, scaling, assessment, risk management, business development, regulatory compliance and remediation.

OCREUS GoodConduct helps businesses realise their good business conduct values. Our team delivers leading-edge, people-focused behavioural and organisational development approaches, backed up by many years’ experience of operational delivery of business conduct, governance, risk and compliance frameworks.

OCREUS Expert has independent, technically qualified and objective expertise focused across key areas including dispute resolution, arbitration, expert witness, legal and regulatory reviews and enforcement and litigation support.

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Our focus as an independent technical group is on providing bespoke services based on understanding and empathising with the needs of our clients. All of our services are carried out with one prime goal in mind: the very best client solution possible.