As Europe battles on with perhaps the most transformational period of regulation ever in the form of MiFID II, the US see signs of reforming the reforms. Will Brexit provide an opportunity for the UK to follow and leave Europe behind? In truth, no body knows, but one thing is for certain. Change, change and opportunity continue across the industry.

So long Dodd-Frank as big sections will be repealed in the next year

Trump will be the next US President. The Republicans will continue to control the Senate and the House of Representatives. Parts of Dodd-Frank and other financial regulation are certain to be repealed. Hold on to your seats.

Just when US financial markets were getting used to Dodd-Frank, the Supplementary Leverage Ratio and money market reform, the election has turned all that on its head. The next year will be marked by more upheaval as Republicans undo major portions of financial regulation enacted in the last eight years.

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