The FCA Business Plan sets out its main areas of focus for 2019/20. It outlines their priorities and describes its response to the issues it has identified. It covers their supervisory priorities as well as market studies and the policy work it undertook. This enables industry and consumers to understand the entirety of their work in their sector and what they can expect from the FCA in the coming year.

The FCA’s key priorities and planned activities for this year are set out under our 8 priorities which cut across different financial sectors as well as their priorities for the 7 specific sectors it regulates. It also reflects the variety of changes affecting both financial services and the wider society and shows how they will use our resources to tackle these challenges.

The 7 cross sector priorities are:

EU Withdrawal and International engagement

Firms’ culture and governance

Financial crime (fraud & AML)

Operational resilience

Demographic change

Fair treatment of existing customers

Innovation, data and data ethics

The future of regulation

See full plan here

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