An interesting event being held at the RUSI will explore the ways in which financial institutions can bring additional capacity to law enforcement response to human trafficking.

The Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies at RUSI are holding a panel discussion to consider the role financial institutions can play in assisting with the identification and disruption of human trafficking.

At a time when governments around the world, led by the UK, are championing the role public/private partnerships can play in achieving a step-change in the disruption of financial crime, this discussion will focus on the pernicious crime of human trafficking. The subject of a new Whitehall Report from RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies, this panel will explore the ways in which financial institutions are seeking to bring additional capacity to the response of law enforcement to this crime through their considerable transaction monitoring and investigations capability.  It will also highlight how the involvement of NGOs can assist both financial institutions and law enforcement in developing more effective identification methods and disruption responses.

To be held:                15 March 2017 at 14:00
At:                               RUSI Whitehall
Categories: Governance

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