The OCREUS Group is an ICAEW registered firm following its practice assurance standards and subject to the ICAEW supervision and quality assurance process. 

The OCREUS Group can provide independent Quality Assurance (QA) services to ensure that client’s relevant business processes and or development / remediation programmes are being executed and carried out to the required satisfactory levels.

A QA review framework usually comprises of two components and is expected to be conducted on an ongoing basis. These two components are the QA and Advisory. The number of different QA elements will change depending on the nature of the work.

For example :-

Within Financial Crime mitigation related matters, this could comprise of,  but not limited to,  Compliance monitoring, Client on-boarding, Trade Monitoring, Risk Management, LoD frameworks, Management reporting and oversight.

Within CASS compliance management, this could comprise of , but not limited to, Cash and Asset segregation, rules mapping frameworks, management reporting and committee oversight and meeting minute review.

For programmes and business development, this could include, but not limited to,  The programme and delivery plan, regulatory and operational matters, RoI, delivery progress and resource capability technical, compliance, conduct (SmcR)

Please contact us at contact@ocreus.com for QA related enquiries.

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