The OCREUS Group also provides a suite of services covering the Expert arena. If required we can manage and service all stages of litigation process and / or independent review.

Below details out our areas of expertise in a little more detail.

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Many commercial disputes are resolves through contractual or other ADR processes. Such processes often require expert determination or evidence. We are experienced in working in ADR processes of various types.

The process of discovery can be a daunting one, often requiring analysis of vast quantities of documents, emails and potentially voice recordings. We have experience and access to tools to help accelerate this process, but also and most importantly ensure completeness of any evidence research and preparation. This is a critical stage of any potential litigation procedure and often underestimated in the scale of challenge. Our experience and tools will help ensure nothing is missed.

Expert Witness Testimony

We have experts with the right character and experience of the more robust requirements necessary to stand up to cross-examination in civil and criminal proceedings. Our experts are all market professionals with years of practical hands on experience

Expert Witness Statements and Reports

Working with barristers, law firms and regulators globally in opining on business activities, operational practices and corporate structures versus legal and regulatory requirements, “best practice”, “reasonable behaviour” and general industry norms.

Case Management

We have highly experienced Case Management practitioners familiar with all elements of the process. Case Management sits between the Experts, the law firm and Barristers along with any additional supporting resources involved within the Case. Case Management helps oversee and structure all discovery, deposition, Witness Statements, Expert Reports and Court case note examination.

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