Providing assessment and development to key individuals within organisations as they ensure and enhance their own corporate governance, leadership, accountability and succession planning. Ensures firms understand and identify conduct, cultural and ethical development opportunities in both non regulatory and regulatory environments such as Senior Managers certification Regime 

Ethical Leadership Assessment – EthQ™

Ethical Intelligence (EthQ™) is the ability to recognise and respond appropriately and effectively to ethically challenging situations. EthQ is relevant to individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

Most approaches to ethical leadership in organisations focus too narrowly:

  • Training and other learning solutions provide for limited coverage
  • Assessment of an individual’s fitness and propriety is based on a “brittle fracture” approach
  • The impact of role and environment on the individual and of team dynamics are generally ignored
  • Organisational level activities are limited to controls frameworks and punishment regimes

We recognise what matters in organisations is the ability to recognise ethical matters, to make appropriate ethical decisions, to communicate those decisions as ethical decisions and explain the underlying reasoning and to persuade others and the organisation as a whole to accept and adopt those decisions.

With EthQ the OCREUS Group has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to assessing ethical leadership capability, or ethical intelligence, EthQ.

EthQ is firmly based on well-proven scientifically evidenced tools. Not only is our approach effective in reducing ethical risk in a business, it will also stand up to the scrutiny of a regulatory or court process, and can be supported by independent expert witness evidence.

How does OCREUS assess EthQ?

There are three aspects that govern how an individual will respond to ethical challenges:

  1. Personality traits and derailers
  2. Ethical decision making ability
  3. Actual behaviours in the workplace

Our results are consolidated for the individual to present them with a rounded perspective on their personality and ethical capabilities. We consider the individual’s profile in the context of the organisational values and culture. The results are ideally fed back to senior staff through face-to-face meetings with professional occupational psychologists qualified in our tools and methodology. We consolidate results for teams and the organisation as a whole, identifying risks and potential mitigating steps and interventions to enhance ethical capability in the short, medium and long term.

Benefits of Ocreus EthQ Profiling

Aids Corporate Governance, leadership and individual development through:

  • Comprehensive assessment based on scientific principles
  • Integration into leadership and management development and coaching programmes
  • Actionable recommendations instead of simplistic yes/no result
  • Increases individuals’ self-awareness which of itself will enhance their ethical capability and reduce risk
  • Enhances participants’ general leadership skills and so improves wider business performance

Ethical Leadership Development

The mindset, ability and behaviours of both formal and informal leaders are critical to an organisation’s success Research, study and experience clearly shows individuals share  the culture, climate, practices and success or failure of organisations.

At the the OCREUS Group services we provide a suite of Ethical Culture and Leadership Development services to addresses risk areas to support optional ethical, cultural and leadership performance within an organisation.

What is Ethical Culture and Leadership Development?

There are a number of interventions that can have significant positive impacts on general organisational culture and specifically on the effectiveness of formal and informal leaders and their ability to deliver good business and ethical results for the organisation. The most suitable approach for each particular situation will be determined based on client needs and our interventions are designed on a bespoke basis after we have developed an understanding of your business and requirements.

Typically our Ethical Culture and Leadership Development programmes would draw on elements including:

  • Leadership development programmes
  • Establishing a coaching culture
  • Executive coaching
  • Improving feedback and performance culture
  • Leadership and management education
  • Team development
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Induction, selection and promotion programmes

We believe we are unique in bringing an organisational perspective to ethical leadership development and this has led us to develop new interventions and to combine existing approaches in new ways, to create leading edge integrated development programmes that place organisational culture and ethical effectiveness at the heart of leadership.

Benefits of Ocreus Ethical Culture and Leadership Development

We believe our approach to development is unique in recognising that specific organisational culture and effective ethical performance are now critical core skills for current and upcoming leaders. We also believe in delivering leading-edge and innovative solutions but based on proven, evidenced approaches and delivered by appropriately skilled and qualified professionals, such as organisational psychologists.

All our programmes are developed based on best practice research and guiding design principles. This approach ensures we work in partnership with our clients to deliver excellent outcomes, including:

  • Increased success in achieving and sustaining long-term behavioural change
  • Raised self awareness in leaders across the organisation
  • Significantly enhancing leaders’ ability to self manage to reduce risks of poor business and ethical decisions
  • Improved performance of leadership teams, through enhanced team risk and responsibility awareness and more informed team selection decisions
  • Enhanced workplace culture and behaviours, greater staff engagement and higher commitment to organisational goals
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