Helping clients originate, Bringing Stability, Resilience and Prevention to provide a future proofed solution.

Over the last decade we have seen a continued wave of tighten regulatory scrutiny. We have seen reaction to the financial crisis, we have seen tough new rules implemented and we have already seen modification to some of these. International drivers continue to bringing a different set of requirements, whilst a continued regulatory focus across new matters arising from companies compliance and governance fall out bring further potential change.

Whilst reform and interest rate compression continues to sweep through global markets leading to a programme of continued change, cost and balance sheet utilisation review, in cases some institutions are taking a moment to pause and consider their operating model.

Compliance attestation, supervision, increased transparency, governance, risk mitigation, operational resilience and environmental policy cross a broad range of matters all present numerous challenges. There are variations around just about everything, from business strategy, entity model, products, segregation, reporting, clearing, record keeping, reference rates, margin and collateral and more – these are indicative of the higher-level milestone reform driven challenges to solve for.

Being able to understand and operationally solve for these remains as important as ever. Providing financial and operational stability along with governance, control and risk management through smart and dynamic solutions is essential.

Regulatory offerings from the OCREUS Group brings together our deep experience of reform clarification and implementation to help our clients address the reform wave with greater confidence, clarity of direction and practical operational changes.

Please contact us about our specific control and reform programmes and we will be happy to discuss further, or follow the regulatory news updates.

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