Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Many commercial disputes can be resolved through mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution services, to avoid the costs and delays of litigation.

Mediation and ADR often requires informal advice or a formal report from an independent expert in relation to the subject matter of the dispute.

Our credibility is assured by our membership of the UK regulatory Skilled Person panels for governance, financial crime and client assets, and by our lead experts experience of leading global cases in the respective areas, including engagements relating to compliance monitorships. Our industry experience encompasses leading cases in:

  • Financial services
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace and defence

In terms of SME, we can provide ADR services for the subject matter areas listed below in relation to expert witness work.

Expert Witness Reports

Our senior team has substantial experience of preparing expert witness reports for both civil and criminal cases, mainly in the English jurisdiction, but including US jurisdiction cases.

We are able to prepare expert witness reports efficiently, combining the judgement of highly experienced lead experts with a cost effective support team to conduct the often extensive research and analysis required in complex cases.

Our operational experience allows us to provide a nuanced opinion that balances legal and regulatory requirements, guidance, “best practice”, reasonable endeavours, and industry norms. We are experienced in interpreting legislation and regulation whose direct application to the case fact pattern is uncertain.

The Ocreus team has experience of efficiently providing expert witness services and independent opinions across the range of our SME areas, including:

  • Governance – including Board responsibilities and oversight, parent-subsidiary relationships
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Financial crime – bribery and corruption, AML, KYC, CDD and EDD, sanctions and PEPs, trade finance, correspondent banking
  • Client assets


Expert witness reports will often need to be supported in court by testimony from the lead expert responsible, to allow for cross examination by litigants.

Our senior team has experience of presenting evidence in court. Our experts can maintain the necessary professional detachment and independence, and respect for the judicial process, to remain calm, collected and credible under cross examination, even when aggressive or provocative.

Case Management

Our experience of complex, multi-year, multi-jurisdictional cases has given us insight into the challenges of effective case management involving vast data volumes, forensic data analysis, email searches, and tens to hundreds of witness statements.

We are able to align with the overall case management of the leading law firm or internal counsel, while adopting a robust and efficient approach to the management of our contribution.

We use our stakeholder management experience to ensure that we contribute to the case smoothly, efficiently and seamlessly.

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