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Let’s start with fizzy drinks – you probably saw in the news recently that Public Health England launched an app to provide sugar content information on drinks, as part of a campaign to reduce high levels of sugar consumption by children.

And on 5 October 2015, a mandatory 5p per bag charge was introduced in England.

Some years ago, the UK public was encouraged to pay their TV licence fee by a messaging campaign reminding us that our neighbours were paying, so we should too.

What’s the link?  These are all examples of “nudging”, using psychological techniques to change behaviour (in these cases in the public policy arena) rather than legislation and enforcement.  The UK Cabinet Office has been looking at these techniques for some time, and in March 2015 jointly published a study – “Mindspace – Influencing behaviour through public policy”.

The same “nudge” approach is effective as a corporate tool for behavioural change generally and particularly in the areas of ethical behaviour and compliance.  To find out more about how your organisation can effectively use “nudge” in ethics and compliance, contact John Higgins.


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